Well my dear friends, it's been much too long since I last spent some quality time on my website.  Traveling and moving to the city have consumed much of time this summer. That said, I am ready to dive back into some some metalsmithin' fun!

Tonight's plan was to go to a friend's annual (or semi-annual), girls' night wine party.  That plan got a bit stymied when I was 5 minutes into a run (yes, I forgot to tell you... I started RUNNING this summer... although to most it is a sad looking jog to most), ANYWAYS --- 5 minutes in I felt a painful ZAP right in my rear end. OUCH! I gracefully tried to shoo whatever was in my shorts OUT and continued on down the trail.  Three second later I felt two more powerful zaps shooting right into my lower back. OKAY, it's on. I swatted like hell and ran (this time is was running like people who are really "runners") back to my car and purse for some Benydryll. For those of you who don't know me well, I am prone to accidents. Primarily skin-related medical issues. That pink pill has saved me on so many occasions, it's hard to count. Anyways, I extra dosed on the Benydryll and didn't see how driving and drinking wine would work in my favor (tonight anyways). Okay, change of plans...

The task of unpacking and setting up a workspace is always daunting for me. I've moved just about every year for the last 6 years so I should be used to it by now. So many boxes and pieces to reconfigure in their new homes. Tonight, I finally got my butt in gear (thanks to the bee) and took it on one box at a time. After opening the first box, the memories came flooding back to me. Not just WHAT I owned for tools, but HOW I've used them in the past. I recalled working on that custom ring when I held the ring mandrel and making the domed cup earrings when I found the perfect place for my disc cutter. I think it's so cool that humans can retain such unique memories, tuck them away for so long, and then in one split second -- recall an entire experience. 

And so it has begun. All but two boxes have been ripped open. Parts and pieces have been reassembled and reunited at last. The bench is ready to rock. What still awaits is the soldering station (fire, torches, chemicals, the real fun stuff). This requires a bit more technical and logistical help in setting up to ensure good ventilation but I am shooting to have it ready by the first weekend in October.  This way I'll be all geared up for the holiday season! Initially I thought my unexpected stinger friend got the best of me, but it turned out he gave me just the kick in the bum I needed. Giddy up.

Here is a quick pic from mid-unpacking experience.