No.... I'm not talking about children, but I AM talking about the earrings I completed today! What I love most about the creative process are the unlikely sources and times of inspiration.  I set out today knowing I would complete the flower bud trio earrings but was never quite settled on how I wanted the post to look. 

After some quick sketching and imagination, I got to work on making small discs that would later be hammered with a texture to match the larger oval, drilled,  filled with a bud-post, and soldered to the bottom oval. As I was making the little discs, I was struck by how simple and attractive they were all by themselves.  BOOM! New earring idea. With my creative juices pumping and the Flower Bud Trio Earrings complete, I immediately got to work on a new pair of smaller BUD STUDS.

Simple, with a touch of funk, my new bud studs are complete and have been added to my Etsy page. The most rewarding part of today was that merely 15 minutes after posting to Facebook and Etsy, I received one of those heart-warming emails with the "Etsy Transaction - Order Confirmation" header.  Not only did I have the quickest moment of inspiration, but I also completed my fastest sale!   

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